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Total H2020 EU funding 1m
SIMTECH is an Austrian SME founded in 1991, which provides state of the art modelling tools and services for the power and process industries, with several years of experience in research and development in modelling and analysis of power processes. SIMTECH’s simulation environment IPSEpro allows definition of customized component models and supports users throughout the entire lifecycle of a process plant, from conceptual design to on-line plant performance monitoring and optimization. IPSEpro embeds a highly flexible modelling system for calculating heat balances and for simulating processes. Major IPSEpro modules are: PSE – Process Simulation Environment and MDK – Model Development Kit, which allows the creation of customized component models stored in libraries. IPSEpro comprises several other program modules to: Calculate heat balances, predict design and off-design performance; Verify and validate measurements during acceptance tests; Monitor and optimize plant performance on-line; and Plan modifications in existing plants. IPSEpro covers a wide range of applications in: Renewable Energy; Thermal Power; Geothermal Energy; Solar Power; Refrigeration; Flue Gas Cleaning; Biomass Gasification; Desalination and Waste-Water Treatment. Currently, SIMTECH’s international and diversified customers sum-up ~ 1200 IPSEpro installations in more than 250 organisations and 50 countries. More details are provided in our pitch deck linked below.
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