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TIB-Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology actively contributes to the digitalization of sciences to intensify Open Access transformation and the development of services for research data management. TIB is a member of the German research organization Leibniz Association, comprising 96 leading institutes from all areas of science. TIB preserves and organizes information, data, and knowledge in its target domains and provides direct access to these large-scale information spaces through digital services. In close cooperation with the L3S research center from Leibniz University Hannover, TIB performs world-class research aiming to advance information, data, and knowledge sharing in the digital age. TIB leads cutting-edge research in Knowledge Graphs, Data management, and Artificial Intelligence. For example, with its Open Research Knowledge Graph and facilitating the digitalization of science, industry, and society at large. Moreover, TIB has developed efficient tools to support users in all the steps of knowledge graph creation, i.e., definition, storage, validation, traversal, and analysis. With extensive experience in participating in international and national projects, TIB brings the know-how in evaluation and coordination in the public sectors and databases, Semantic Web, and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
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