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Vehicle authentication enhanced with misbehaviour detection
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The EU-funded Research Project
This innovation was developed under the Horizon 2020 project INSPIRE-5Gplus with an end date of 31/10/2022
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Description of Project INSPIRE-5Gplus
The goal of INSPIRE-5Gplus is to advance security of 5G and Beyond networks via two main approaches: (1) by leveraging/extending existing assets such as Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), Remote Attestation/Path Proof/RCA (Root Cause Analysis), and end-to-end liability management between parties, and (2) by introducing novel solutions/paradigms exploiting the potential of new trends including AI/ML and Blockchains. Accordingly, the INSPIRE-5Gplus project will address key security challenges against the concrete and efficient realisation of 5G through vertical applications, ranging from autonomous and connected cars to Critical Industry 4.0 (under specific regulation constraints). Grounded in an integrated network management system and relevant frameworks, INSPIRE-5Gplus is entirely devoted to improve security at various dimensions (i.e., overall vision, use cases, architecture, integration to network management, assets, and models). It is also committed to deliver actionable results and enablers for all relevant stakeholders at both Program and Community levels. These outcomes will serve the crucial objectives of intelligent security and pervasive trust for future connected systems where Security will not be software-defined only, but will also be governed by Algorithms (AI, ML, Modeling, Optimization) to realize new concepts such as pro-active security while being trustworthy. Through its objectives, INSPIRE-5Gplus will deliver unique assets to achieve intelligent and trusted multi-tenancy (i.e. confident, evidence-based, and liable) across multi-tenants infrastructure, whilst also improving the control of systems, vulnerabilities and compromises for the infrastructure owners and tenants.

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