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The EU-funded Research Project
This innovation was developed under the Horizon 2020 project TalentMondo with an end date of 30/09/2019
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Description of Project TalentMondo
TalentMondo is the world's first skill-based marketplace platform that uses machine learning to optimally match families with homecare providers. TalentMondo makes the traditional and lengthy matching process near instant. It provides both families and homecare providers with optimal, real-time matched results, that adapt to the ever-changing demands of the homecare market. TalentMondo economically empowers both families and homecare providers. TalentMondo is a multisided business that serves two user segments both in need of each other; families and homecare providers. Families include those in need of someone to look after another member, e.g. an elder, a child. Homecare providers include those that provide services to families at the point of need, i.e. at the clients home. These include elderly carers and childminders. We charge a commission for every short-term booking and for every long-term booking made through TalentMondo. We will commercialise through business partnerships that will offer the solution to their workforce. For businesses, TalentMondo will increase productivity and worker satisfaction. In 2016, we were selected as the most innovative technology start-up in Turkey by the prestigious start-up support organization Webrazzi. Since then we have also closed two investment rounds from well-known investors. The prototype of TalentMondo has been successfully tested throughout Turkey with 30,000 families and 3,500 caregivers. We plan to match over 470,000 families with homecare providers, making over €11m in cumulative revenue within 3 years of commercialisation. The proposed project will help us reach this goal by enabling us to optimise the matching algorithm, localise TalentMondo to new markets, undertake a large scale pan-European pilot, as well as scale up our business for commercialisation.

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