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Predictive Audio Branding for Improved In-Store Customer Experience
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The EU-funded Research Project
This innovation was developed under the Horizon 2020 project ABC DJ with an end date of 31/12/2018
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Description of Project ABC DJ
The current European market for audio branding services is lopsided, both in economic terms as well as in aspects of cultural identity. In the slipstream of big U.S. companies like McDonald's, North American providers have captured the European (and worldwide) market for instore music and have held a strong position ever since. Today the worldwide market is effectively monopolised by two 'big players' from the USA. At the same time European creative industries active in this area are pushed into a corner of the European as well as the worldwide market and for the most part serve only niche businesses. The ABC DJ project seeks to provide European creative agencies in the field of audio branding with sophisticated ICT supporting tools. As a result they will be able to offer branding services and products of such high quality that they can successfully compete with the current big players, independently of their respective size – be it a big agency, an SME or a one-man business. Secondly, European creators of music, (independent) labels as well as respective multipliers will be actively included into the audio branding value chains and enjoy support and novel schemes from the monetisation of their works as instore music. The pool of music effectively exploitable for branding agencies and brand clients will thus grow significantly. The high number of creative micro-businesses and SMEs is tailor-made for an approach where many audio branding agencies serve the (diverse) needs of many brands, as opposed to the current 'one-sound-fits-all' situation.

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