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This innovation was developed under the FP7 project MOTO with an end date of 31/10/2015
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Description of Project MOTO
To support the booming demand in mobile 4G data services, the MOTO project proposes to design, dimension, implement, and evaluate a new network architecture in support of dynamic traffic offloading strategies to relieve a congested 4G/LTE network. Going far beyond present infrastructure based offloading approaches, MOTO explores an additional layer of disruptive offloading protocols that make use of direct terminal-to-terminal communications. MOTO definitely takes an operator point of view to opportunistic networking by keeping terminal based offloading under the control of the operator’s infrastructure. It explores and evaluates distributed offloading control protocols, it investigates coordination strategies between mobile and broadband Internet operators, it designs and implements a distributed trust and security policy, it derives formal capacity enhancements estimates and works toward understanding mobility and contact opportunities. MOTO adopts an experimental methodology, providing enhancements to an open source simulation environment, and carrying out practical experimentations on an operator's large scale integrated testbed for architecture and protocol validation. The operators’ vision, requirements, and experience are backed by a strong team of experts in wireless networking technologies both from academia and industry. Thanks to MOTO offloading solutions, the operators will decide how much bandwidth to allocate for supporting crowds of users sharing data hungry services in a flexible and efficient way, and will be able to handle peaks of traffic without overprovisioning the infrastructure and without blocking the service to its users.

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