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Total H2020 EU funding 694k
Immersion: Reinventing workspaces. Immersion creates immersive and collaborative workspaces. Beyond improving the performance, efficacity and efficiency of their solutions, their ambition is to instil pride amongst their client’s employees. A catalyst for innovation, an expert in virtual and augmented reality, and a designer of spaces and interfaces… Above all, Immersion is an architect of solutions that shape and reinvent the work experience. And what do these solutions have in common? They put people back at the heart of technological innovation by focusing on the user experience. A pioneer in virtual reality since 1994, Immersion now boasts a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of expertise. Immersion selects, invents, patents, and distributes innovative technological products. Immersion integrates immersive and interactive systems, combining headsets, large image walls and collaborative tables. Immersion develops “Shariiing,” their software solution for presentations and collaborative work. And lastly, Immersion also develops mixed reality applications, participates in national and European research projects, and conducts user studies. Whatever their size or field of activity, private and public sector players are using their immersive and collaborative workspaces for innovation, production, marketing, training, and maintenance purposes.
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  • INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION > Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
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